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While no one knows exactly how long they've been around, we do know that Persian cats were imported into Europe from Persia (now modern day Iran) in the early 1600's.  Said to be descendants of Angora cats crossed with British longhairs, the Persian breed was especially adored by royal families for their luxurious coats, well mannered personalities and affection-seeking nature.  

Persian cats haven't always had a distinctive flat face.  In the 1950's, a genetic mutation caused a litter of kittens to be born with those features.  Breeders took to the new look and used selective breeding to continue this line of "peke-faced" Persians.  The traditional Persian, known as the doll face, doesn't have that flat silhouette. 

Persians are incredibly calm, gentle, and affectionate lap cats.  They are known as "dog-cats" for their friendly nature.  They know their name and will even come when called!  They are indoor cats and are not natural predators or hunters.  They are quite lazy and sleep for up to 20 hours per day!


Persians' coats are typically long & thick and must be combed often to avoid matting.  

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