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All of our parents have been cleared of any known genetic health predispositions through DNA testing, including PKD!


Millie Mae

Toy Dollface Persian

CFA Registered


baby Millie

Millie & Croz_edited.jpg
Plato - Millie's dad_edited.jpg

Millie Mae's Dad: Plato

Leelah Grace - Millie's mom_edited.jpg

Millie Mae's Mom: Leelah Grace

About Millie Mae

Millie Mae is our little doll baby!  She has us all wrapped around her tiniest toe!  She loves to be carried around the house like a little baby.  She is extremely gentle and quiet and will fall asleep in your arms!  She is a toy dollface Persian, expecting to max out at 6 lbs full grown.   We have plans to breed Millie Mae in the summer of 2024, and she is expected to have very small kittens!

Pink Kitty Clipart.jpg
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