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Hopi baby 3_edited.jpg

Dollface Blue-Eyed Persian

Sir Lennon

CFA Registered

Lennon on rug_edited.jpg

Lennon's Dad: Aslan

Male Persian's Mom - Teala_edited.jpg

Lennon's Mom: Teala

Lennon's Grandpa: Shiloh

About Sir Lennon

Lennon is our first stud!  He was the smallest of his litter and has the sweetest disposition!  He is a snuggle bug!  He loves a good lap to lay on and loves to sleep in bed with us at night.  We plan to breed him with Millie Mae in the summer of 2024!  Stay tuned for updates!

All of our parents have been cleared of any known genetic health predispositions through DNA testing, including PKD!

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